Highlight of the National Hair Show 2018!

Actualizado: 1 de mar de 2019

On November 4, 2018 thousands of patrons and exhibitors flocked the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston Jamaica for the 23rd staging the Annual National Cosmetologist and Hair Dressers Beauty Expo.

Herboo Botanicals representing at the National Beauty Expo 2018

The event was jam packed with natural hair enthusiast, makeup artist, hair dressers, nail technician and students of the beauty field. They were all excited to learn new trends in the beauty industry and to try new products being made from more natural ingredients. Herboo Botanicals recently launched its new branding which was being highly anticipated from our customers. Not only did we launch our new packaging, but we also showed off our new logo which symbolises what we stand for as a brand, and our commitment to connecting the world with nature.

Herboo Botanicals new products.

For the past few years we have been developing our flagship product to satisfy our customers and not only have we done so successfully, but we have also launch 2 additional products. We showcased the Herboo Protective Moisturising Hair Oil which is made from Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and Jojoba oil. Any natural hair lover or healthy enthusiast will tell you that the mixture of these 3 oils is just amazing. With this product you'll be able to seal in the moisture to your hair after shampooing with Herboo Deep Cleansing dual shampoo+conditioner. The Prot. Moist. Hair oil also promotes hair growth and it makes your hair less frizzy. The next product that we launched is the Herboo Body & Face oil made from Sage Essential oil, and Jojoba oil. This product has been well received by our customers as it removes makeup easily, it reduces stretch marks by tightening the skin and it's basically a replacement for lotion. So persons with dry skin let Herboo Body & Face Oil become your best friend!

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