How Sleeping on Your Pillow May Be Bad for Your Hair Journey

With the new trend of black women embracing their natural hair it can be daunting in knowing exactly how to care for your hair. We have so many products available on the market today geared towards caring for natural hair. However what is critical is that our hair type loves moisture and thrives in moisture. Ever wondered why sometimes you wake up and your hair is frizzy and dry? A lot of the times it's because of our pillows. The material used to produce our pillow cases are not necessarily good for our hair. The most popular material used is cotton which dries out the hair.

Nobody Likes Dry Frizzy Hair!

For the most part we all at some point use a cotton pillow case, in fact it is the most popular fabric in the bedding industry, what we recommend at Herboo Corp is that you invest either in a satin material pillow case or wear

a satin bonnet to cover your natural hair while you sleep. It makes no sense to spend time, & energy to take care of your natural hair just to have your pillow suck all that moisture right back out.

Key Takeaways

1. Invest in a satin pillow case, if don't like sleeping on that material like I do try and get a satin bonnet which is much easier to wear throughout the day and will protect your styled hair if you have an event.

2. Don't be afraid to use a head band or "tie head". In Jamaica we grew up seeing our mom and grandmother wearing "tie heads" to protect their hair however, at the time we had no idea why they did it.

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Using A Great Oil To Seal In The Moisture

Another tip in taking care of your natural hair is using a great natural or organic oil. Currently the best best oils to use to keep your scalp and hair healthy include Coconut Oil, Jamaican Castor Oil and Jojoba oil. These oils penetrates your hair's cuticle very easily and promotes significant hair growth. Use these types of oils daily to enhance your natural hair's beauty. If you would like our unique mixture you can get the Herboo Botanicals' Protective Moisturizing Hair Oil. It is lightly scented to mask the pungent essence of the Jamaican Castor Oil.

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